Pre-treatment Process Tanks

An essential component of the hot dip galvanizing installation is the pretreatment segment. Along with the appropriate pickling tanks, degreasing, rinsing, fluxing, and acid stripping tanks are also situated in the pretreatment area. The pretreatment section is where all procedures related to the chemical preparation of the steel surface for galvanisation are carried out. Due to their inherent resilience, these processes in surface preparation have traditionally received little attention.

Our goal at Gunatit Engineers is to establish a culture of forward-thinking hot dip galvanizing, so we have created and introduced to the market a cutting-edge and modern pretreatment management approach. Customers who have adopted such a novel strategy have already tested the effectiveness of this pretreatment idea

It is constructed adhering to all rules and regulations which ensures the protection of the building structure in addition to the complete reduction of fumes, with benefits like improvement in the average product quality and a reduction in the number of operations in the pre-treatment area. This pre-treatment process tank is a game-changer in every aspect

The components of the pre-treatment process tanks :

Structure Galvanizing Plant

Pickling Plant

Wire Galvanizing Plant

Pipe Galvanizing Plant

Tube Galvanizing Plant

Electroplating Plant

Small Parts & Fasteners Galvanizing Plant