Galvanizing Furnace

The industry’s most effective galvanizing furnaces, known for their dependability and toughness. Gaining a reputation as the performance and fuel economy leader in the industry.

Because our furnaces are pre-assembled and thoroughly tested before shipping, they are simple to install and commission with the help of our team of highly qualified engineers. These furnaces may be extended or moved when needed, and they require almost no maintenance.

The various versions of furnaces that are produced by Gunatit :

Pulse Fired High-Velocity Burner

Indirect Heating Furnace

Electric Furnace

Pulse Fired High Velocity Burner

The Pulse-Fired High-Velocity Burner is utilized in the galvanized plant because it is built to transfer and circulate most heat with the least amount of fuel. The burner can be used to heat metal with a variety of fuels, including HSD and LDO, dual fuels like Light Diesel Oil & LPG And PNG.

Indirect Conventional Furnace

Designed for hot dipping in a molten zinc bath at 450 to 455°C to galvanize cable trays, MS structural, poles, and other things. The indirect heating furnace presented is Diesel/Gas fueled with a steel kettle of specific material used for melting zinc and is built for batch type and continuous operation. This Indirect furnace built with Special shaped / Standard shaped High Alumina and Moderate Alumina Refractory materials and its Jointing Materials. Indirect Furnaces are suitable for use of Crude Oil or Heavy Oil where LDO or Gas is not available or viable to use.

Electric Furnace

Based on radiation heat and ensuring the same level of adaptability and effectiveness during the hot dip galvanizing process. A completely thermally insulated chamber, sophisticated control algorithms, and uncompromised equipment quality are all features of an electric furnace. Resulting in a kettle life cycle that is remarkably long and has low maintenance requirements. Less Electricity consumption. Automatic, evenly heating.