Flux Filtration System

High-quality galvanizing requires a flux tank with a balanced chemical composition. Fluxes typically contain iron ions that have been dragged in from earlier stages of the process. Due to the inherent link between iron and zinc, a high concentration of iron in the flux will unavoidably result in significant amounts of undesirable floating or bottom dross. Therefore, it is very important to maintain a low iron content in flux to prevent costly zinc waste in the form of dross as well formation of Zinc Ash.

The effective method used by Gunatit Engineers is to continuously remove iron from the flux by introducing the proper reagents to the tank, while the oxidised iron is extracted from the line using a separate filter press. Iron may be extracted without removing the vital ammonium and zinc chlorides used in flux solutions thanks to a well-designed filter. By controlling the iron abatement system, ammonium and zinc chloride concentrations can be kept in check and appropriately balanced.

Gunatit’s finest varieties of filtration systems:

Fully Automatic Flux Filtering System

Semi-Automatic Flux Filtering System

Fully Automatic Flux Filtering System

By introducing chemicals and controlling the pH of the solution, a premium Fully Automatic Flux Filtration System in a closed loop enables continuous iron extraction.

Less iron is transported to the galvanizing bath, which results in less iron-zinc production.

The oxidized iron is removed using a filter press so that the flux’s ammonium chloride and zinc chloride are left behind.

Semi-Automatic Flux Filtering System

Plays a crucial part in carrying out a perfect galvanization process, the wise application of a semi-automatic flux filtering system reduces zinc consumption.

As iron ions are incorporated into the flux during the processing of the material in the flux tank, maintaining a balanced chemical composition in the flux tank is crucial.

Consequently, it is possible to maintain the efficiency of the galvanizing process.