Metal components are placed in the drier before going through the furnace for zinc coating. Desiccation and preheating occur throughout this procedure. The action of a drier lessens splashing and ejections of zinc when it enters the zinc bath, as well as thermal shock and the operating times of the furnaces frequently. Flue gases (excess heat) from Furnace which are going to Chimney are recirculated and used for a drier to perform correctly without any extra cost.

The older design of the first type of drier consists of a pit into which combustion emissions are piped directly. The efficiency of this type of facility is low and frequently results in flaws like salt that “burns.”

The most effective dryers fall into the latter category. It may take the form of a chamber or tunnel. The capacity of this technology to preheat materials at a high temperature is what makes it so crucial. By doing this, the circumstances for the reaction that forms the protective layer are improved, speeding up and bettering the entire galvanizing process.

There are two different types of driers that we at Gunatit Builders provide

Re-circulating air drier

Hot plate (conventional drier)

Re-Circulating Air Drier

Made from premium carbon steel, and well insulated to stop heat loss and guarantee effective heat transfer from the furnace to the dryer. The blower and the flue ducts of the recirculating air drier are lined with insulation and finished with epoxy aluminum paint to prevent corrosion. Concerning hygiene requirements, the entire hot air oven is designed to allow for simple maintenance and cleaning. Re circulating Air drier will be having space to accommodate minimum 2 and maximum 6 Jigs at a time to dry the materials which help to increase the production cycle as well proper heating of materials.

Hot Plate (Conventional Type Drier)

To increase safety and prevent zinc Splashes from wet material during immersion, fluxing salts must be fixed to the surface of the item that needs to be galvanized (improvement of quality). The handling system includes a hot plate drier, a plant option that enables a very cost-effective heating process, a very quick transit of materials. This Hot Plate heated with the excess heat generates from the furnace and going to Chimney pass through hot plate area and heat the plate by heat transfer.