Acid Fume Extraction System

The pickling tanks’ hazardous vapours are absorbed by this setup, preventing them from spreading to the floor and polluting the environment. Gunatit Engineers is a creative pioneer in the hot dip galvanizing sectors thanks to our dedication and capacity to address air pollution issues.

Acidic fumes generate at the time of dipping materials for Cleaning of Steel surface will be absorbed by help of Lip type Ducting or Fully Enclosed type Process area covering

Selection of Lip type ducting and enclosed type Processed area will be different choice of client and their requirements and Budget.

There are predominantly two setups we provide for Prevent of Acidic Fumes and increase the life of Building and Keep environment clean.

There are predominantly two setups we provide :

Lip-Type Ducting System

Fully Enclosed Chemical Process Treatment Plant

Lip type Ducting system

The lip type suction ducts Provided inbuilt with P.P. Pickling tank on laterally Positioned over the sides of Process tanks. Design of suction area for Acidic fumes will be Design for Better efficiency and maximum fumes can absorb and goes to scrubber through Header and Ducting to Scrubber

Fully Enclosed Chemical Process Treatment Plant

Entire area of Pre-treatment tanks to be covered with High quality acid proof materials such as PVC, PP, PE etc. Due to covered pre-treatment area, there will be no Acidic fumes will be come out which will be clean environment.