Erection of Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants both Domestically and Internationally
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Transmission Tower Structure & Equipments

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G. I. Strips Cable Trays
  We are also one of the leading manufacturers of Floor Gratings, Cable Trays, Hand Rails, Walk Ways, Telecom Tower, Structural fabrication etc. Also we are leading Suppliers of Over Head Lines materials, underground Earthing Materials, G.I. Flats, Angles, Beams Channels, etc. We Have in-house Hot Dip Galvanising facility.  
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Cable Tray Accessories
Support System
Company is committed to quality and which is emphasized in all its activity. Well equipped with following Machineries :
50 Tons Power Press
20 Tons Power Press
300 Amp Welding Machines
1.5" Heavy duty drill machines
Section/Flat shearing machine
Necessary dies/tools/drill and Fabrication platform.
Necessary Inspection Gauges such as Vernier / Micro Meter etc.
The undertaking has qualified engineers having more than 15 years experience in this line. Company is committed to quality and which is emphasized in all its activity.
  Cable Trays
  Our company has varied interests and manufacturing complete Cable Tray & Cable Tray accessories support systems i.e. Cable Trays perforated type as well as Ladder type along with Tray supporting structures Tray Covers & Tray Accessories.  
  Quality Assurances
  On procurement of raw materials at factory, visual and dimension inspection is carried out by our supervisors and random samples are sent for chemical and physical tests at approved labs. On receipt of positive report from laboratory, materials are offered for fabrication at shop floor. All fabricated materials undergo stage wise inspection for correction of size and welding quality. After assembly and full welding, spatters are removed by chipping and corners are properly grinded.  
  * We are also Leading Suppliers of G.I. Strips, Earthing Plates, Earth Electrodes, C.I. Channels, Angles, Beams, Fabrication of Towers Structures.  
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