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Pickling Tanks

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Gunatit Builders a Leading manufacturer, Supplier and exporter in India, we offer a comprehensive range of pickling tanks such as pickling plants for galvanizing tower, pickling plants for transmission tower, pickling plants for S.S. M.S. Pipes ,Tubes , Wire coils, Stripe etc.

We design pickling Tanks that are used by galvanizing plants manufacturers for usage in high tension transmission Tower , poles, Pipe Cable Trays ,Grating , Guard, Tails, Railing and other steel items.

We manufactured using the best processes and technology, our pickling tanks are thoroughly tested for their usage in rough conditions as well .

Our tanks function without any breakdown and continue to operate effectively, irrespective of the server physical conditions.

We also custom design and fabricate thermoplastic process equipment to meet the specific needs of products like tanks for pickling, Digressing, Rinsing, Flux passivation, pre post Treatment, plating cleaning etc.

  The world of leading technology of pickling tanks, plants, equipments and fume exhaust system
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Planning and construction of complete pickling plants/Galvanizing plant with fume exhaust system.
Robust design of tank made out polypropylene (co-polymer)
For hydrochloric and nitric hydrofluoric acid media.
Pickling/Galvanizing plant meets stringent environment condition and work to the principle.
Environment friendly fume extraction design, avoiding corrosion of steel construction cranes and roof structure.
Tank made from homopolymer A.P. and welded with state-art hot gas extrusion welding process and stress relived.
P.P tanks available in flat pack modules (reduced volume).
100% leak proof welding
Tanks made for strip & wires picking and other pre and post treatment of iron, Stainless steel and non ferrous metals.
Heating and circulating system available.
Fume free work place. Corrosion free passivation tanks.
Export inquires solicited.
Pickling Tanks
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