Erection of Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants both Domestically and Internationally
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Fume Extraction Plant

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Trun - key Execution of System Extraction of Corrosive Fumes and Gases from pickling tanks and zinc cattle.
Gunatit Builders Supplies a Range of Different Plants Designed for HCL, H2SO4 HF , HNO3 and Mixed Acids.
High Separation Efficiencies of 1 Micron Particulate and Gaseous Emission are Achievable.
Customized Process Equipment for Metal Finishing Industries.
  Fume Extraction System For :
Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants
Pipe Pickling Plants
Stainless Steel Pickling Plants
Coil Pickling Lines
Electroplating / Anodizing Plants
White Fume Extrusion Systems
Surface Treatment Plants
Metal Finishing Industries
Wire Pickling Lines
White Fume Extrusion for Zinc Cattle
Fume Extraction System Image
  Scrubbing Unit Advantages :
Scrubbing Unit Image
Increased productivity
Low Production cost
Stop corrosion of crane & roof structure
Batter safety
Fumes are condensed and recycled
Optimizing material use
As per emission regulations
Clean Working Area disposal cost
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