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Acid Proof Bricks / Acid Resistance Bricks

Bricks Used on Chemical Process Floor In ETP / WTP Tank
On Chemical Process Floor In ETP / WTP Tank
  An Identical Resin base mortar available only with us which can resist most of Acids, Alkalies, Solvents, Salts, Greases, at different Concentration & Temperature. It is very much Suitable for Refineries, Petro-chemicals, Fertilizers, Yarn Processing, Precious Metal Projects in awkward Chemical Conditions too. It can Resist Temperature upto 170°C. It is generally used as Bedding & Jointing or as Jointing/Pointing Mortar in Acid Proof BRICKS / TILE / STONE Lining & Flooring work.

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  A unique cashew base most Identical and highly demanded Acid proof Cement-Mortar is used widely in almost all type of projects i.e. : Dye-Intermediate, Power, Steel, Pharma, Fertilizers, Bulk-Drug, Process Houses, Rayon, Chemicals, Oil base Industries. Acid Proof Bricks Bedded & Joined with CNCL : Mortar the ETP / WTP / D.M. Plants and Reaction Vessels in all above projects can work upto many years with Trouble-Free Services. Most suitable as Pipe Jointing Mortar for S.W. Pipelines which Leads Effluent Water from Different Plants to ETP/WTP. it can Temperature upto 190°C Co and PH 2 to 12 under specific conditions.  
  Most Widely applicable material against Corrosion. Used as coating, screeding, grouting and jointing material. Also used for bonding old to new concrete. Most suitable where mild acids are used. It resist temperature upto 90°C Generally used in Dairies, Air, Breweries, Foods, Alcohol, Textile base industries. Epoxy base Coating has highest Abrassion Resistant Properties among all Resins available in market.  
  An Industrial Asphalt base anti-corrosive Primer. Used to protect structures against atmospheric corrosion and effects created by acid fumes and dry wet gases.  
  Another Bedding & Jointing OR only Jointing/Pointing Mortar for Acid Proof Brick / Tile / Stone lining work can Resist Oxidizing and Organic Chemicals Upto 170°C It is most suitable where Sulphuric Acid used from dilute at 5% to highly concentrated upto 93%. Much of its use is in Phosphates and Fertilizer base Industries.  
  K - Silicate
  A pure, buff white powder & crystal clear Solution of K-Silicate Mortar is generally used as a bedding Mortar in all types of Bricks, Tile & Stone Lining work. It is highly recommended where concentrated Sulphuric & Nitric Acids are used. It is most Identical Cement-Mortar for the Acid Proof & Refractory Brick Lining work into the RCC CHIMNEYS & TOWERS since it has an Unique nature of Acid & Heat Resistant. It may Resist Temperature upto 900C  
  A hot melt type acid-proof cement, resist oxidizing and non-oxidizing chemicals upto certain limits. Best jointing cement for acid Brick / Tile lining work in Battery Charging Rooms. It resists Temperature upto 90°C.  
  Mastic Compound
  A hot melt type corrosion resistant cement in slab shape, Resists dilute acids, alkalies, salts, etc.. Best for heavy duty industrial flooring and brick/tile inter-liner material. Effective laying system for floors / elevated floors of chemical storage tank-pads in refinery, Gases & Oil base projects.  
  Carbon Filled Mortar Against 'Hydro Floric Acid'
  100% carbonfilled cement for resistance against Hydrofloric acid, floride salts and other strong alkalies. Carbon bricks and tiles of different sizes are also available.  
  An Industrial Asphalt base anti-corrosive Primer. Used to protect structures against atmospheric corrosion and effects created by acid fumes and dry wet gases.  
Tile Lining Work EPOXY Treatment in C.E.T.P.
Tile Lining Work EPOXY Treatment in C.E.T.P.
  Our High Quality ACID PROOF CEMENT-MORTARS are widely approved by Leading Small, Medium & Large Scale Industrial Houses, Indians Renown Technical Consultants to the Projects, Reputed Turnkey Civil Engineering.  
  Manufactured as per Indian Standard Specifications i.e. I.S. 4860-1968  
  Manufactured as per Indian Standard Specifications i.e. I.S. 4860-1968  
Testing Details

As per Indian Standard Specification
I.S. 4860-1968
Ist Class IInd Class
Our Values

Ist Class IInd Class
Water absorption %
2 4
0.5 to 1 2.5 to 3.5
Flexural Strength kg/cm
100 70
>100 >100
Compression Strength kg/cm
700 500
>700 >500
Acid Loss %
1.5 4
0.5 to 1 1 to 2
Resistance to wear mm.
2.5 -
1 to 1.5 -
Warpage in mm.
2.5 2.5
within the limits within the limits
Tolerances :    
(a) Length +/- in mm.
3.5 3.5
(b) Breadth +/- in mm.
Ist Class IInd Class
within the limits within the limits
(c) Thickness +/- in mm.
2.0 2.0
  1000 MT per month  
  Ist class for Acid Storage Tanks, pickling tanks and chimney construction etc. IIns class for Floors construction Battery rooms etc.  
  Quality Approval
  Besides regular testing for every lot in our laboratory, the products being tested and approved by Central Glass Ceramic Research Institute, Ahmedabad.  
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