Erection of Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants both Domestically and Internationally

About Us

Gunatit Builders offers expert consultation in all matters relating to the hot dip galvanizing Plants, both domestically and internationally. With over 40 years of experience in the field of Hot Dip Galvanizing, Gunatit Builders has built a good reputation for knowledge, Confidentiality and timely work.

Gunatit Builders is one leading Consultant, Constructor and Supplier of Entire Hot Dip Galvanizing Plant such as Designing of Plant Layout, Furnace Design, Refractory materials for furnace, Acid resistant bricks for pickling plants and other ancillary equipments related to galvanizing furnaces.

If your need a quick answer to a technical question, an interpretation of a hot dip galvanizing specification, for a proposed facility or product, personnel training or the complete design and construction of a new facility, Gunatit Builders stands always ready to assist you.

Gunatit Builders is considered to be one of the India's leading experts in the field of hot dip galvanizing plant and offers consultation for all phases of this difficult subject.
  Plant Design and Construction
  We strongly urge anyone considering the construction of a new hot dip galvanizing facility, extensive renovation or purchase of an existing one, or the construction of a hot dip galvanizing plant, to consult with Gunatit Builders experts prior to any decisions/consultations.

Gunatit Builders has no legal or financial agreements with any material supplier, equipment manufacturer, or contractor leaving us to make recommendations solely in your best interests.

Preliminary Estimates : Our skilled construction personnel will prepare an accurate first cost estimate for any hot dip galvanizing project your company may be considering. This initial estimate, together with a schematic layout. Alternative technologies are evaluated and recommendations are made as to their inclusion in the final project. These include such items as; kettle sizes, firing systems, use of preheaters, material handling systems, as well as any other question which might arise.

Design Documents : Gunatit Builders can supply all necessary plans, specifications, and construction documents necessary to obtain permits and receive complete competitive bids from contractors and equipment suppliers. Alternatively, Gunatit Builders can assist the client's own design team.

Gunatit Builders offers all aspects of construction and equipment installation, insuring the client of high quality, contract compliance, and timely project completion. With many successful projects, both domestic and world wide, Gunatit Builders can assist you in virtually all your design and construction requirements.
  Expert Witness and Arbitration Services
  Free Initial Consultation : Feel free to call Gunatit Builders regarding any technical questions concerning hot dip galvanizing plants. We can also advise you to the specific technical details as required.

Confidential : All work performed by Gunatit Builders is guaranteed to be confidential. A signed confidentiality agreement accompanies every contract.

Fast and Reliable : Gunatit Builders can usually have qualified personnel at your location as early as possible, if time is a factor.